Swimwear 2013

Fantasie Aruba 5675. Image from Fantasie.

I thought, after figuring out that I need bra-sized swimwear, that the shopping process would be easier.

Alas, it isn’t so.

I’ve tried three swimsuits this year – and have two more on order. And it’s 95 degrees outside and I’m more than a little antsy and I want to swim!

Whine over. Here’s a roundup.

Panache Isobel SW07601

I tried this in a 36F – because I wear a 36 band and I thought I should size down in the cups for more support. Uhm, no. It was tighter than a girdle. A 38FF may have worked, because that was my correct size in the Veronica….

Panache Veronica SW0640

The Veronica is gorgeous and fit like a glove, except for those Panache wires poking me in the armpits and threatening to stab me in the chin. I could not imagine trying to swim while fighting those tall wires. I was sorely tempted to keep the swimsuit and start altering the wires with wire cutters, except I thought the skinny straps looked a bit anemic on my big frame.  So, in my infinite wisdom I decided I didn’t need wires and ordered this soft cup swimsuit by Freya…

Freya Active Wire Free Swimsuit AS3182

The Freya felt good, except it wanted me to be about 4″ taller. The breast shape wasn’t great but it was better than other non-wired swimsuits I’ve tried. So, I sent that one back and gave in and ordered these two swimsuits I’d been lusting over…

Freya St. Louis Swimsuit
Fantasie Aruba Swimsuit 5675

Unfortunately, these two are on order directly from the factory and I’m two weeks into a four week wait. So here I sit, in 95 degree weather, staring at my too-small-in-the-chest Anna Tankini and too-large-in-the-waist Kmart boy shorts, wondering if I’ll get that desperate for a swim.

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