Review: Panache Sophie 5821

Panache Sophie. Image from Panache.

No, I’m not pregnant – I’m just desperate for a comfortable bra whose wires don’t poke my ribs, armpits, or rest on my breast tissue.

Panache Sophie Maternity Nursing Bra 5821

The Sophie is a very pretty, minimal coverage soft cup bra.  When I say “minimal coverage”, check the photo below where I compare it to the Elila Molded Soft Cup 1803. The Sophie is minimal in comparison.

Panache Sophie 5821, 38G compared to Elila Molded Soft Cup 1803, 38H.

Band: I’m usually comfortable in a 36, but the 38 is a great fit – I would not size down. The band gives ample support and does not chafe my armpits.

Gore: The Sophie is a soft cup bra, so the gore does not tack.

Cups: I’m usually an FF in U.K. sizing, but went up to a G since I’d heard the Sophie runs small – but I should have stuck with an FF. The cups also give me a pointy look – they are shaped to be pointy. Just like wired cups, my breasts do  not fill the bottoms of the cups. There’s no upward support or rounding from the seams. The cups are easy to let down for nursing or pumping, once you figure out the clasp (I admit to a few minutes of puzzlement).

Conclusion: The Sophie is very comfortable, soft and pretty, and it’s a wireless bra that doesn’t cover your whole chest – which is very nice. However, despite the seams for support it gives no shape or support for me. Going down a cup size may help achieve more lift; however, I doubt it would resolve the pointy look.  If memory serves me well, my breasts would be fuller if pregnant or nursing – which may help lessen the pointedness.

Panache Superbra Sophie Maternity Nursing Bra 38G

Gore: 4 1/2″

Band: 30″; 2 row, 6 columns

Cup circumference: 13″

Side band seam height: 5″

Distance from strap to strap: 10″

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