Hey there!

Greetings form a 40-something Autoimmune Mom and chemise fanatic, voracious reader and gelato junkie.

This blog is about trying to shove extra wide shoulders, fairly large boobs, and wider than average hips into lingerie that doesn’t allow my breasts to droop, and clothes that don’t hang like sacks around my midsection.

I gave up trying to properly fit my small-for-my-frame waist many years ago. Before I was Mommed, my smaller cup size allowed room for my wide shoulders, so clothes shopping wasn’t difficult. Motherhood created size G’s, and after spending ten years in denial, I accepted they are here to stay – and I decided to properly support and attire the girls (and surroundings)…only to discover fitting my figure isn’t easy. As it turns out, I’m an Inbetweenie. I’m sized out of most brands you find at storefront retailers, and I’m learning how to find and purchase clothes and lingerie from online retailers.

You’ll find a little bit of everything this blog.  So, join me on my journey to find a few good bras and a decent wardrobe. For the full experience, follow me on social media or subscribe to my blog (links are up top and to your left). Questions or need more information? Email me at  info@widecurves.com. 

   Current Relevant Measurements:

  • shoulders: 18 1/2″ wide (where I want my shoulder seams to sit, from the back)
  • overbust: 44″
  • underbust: 35 1/3″ above rib flare, 36″ on flare
  • true waist: ~35″
  • low waist ~38″
  • high hip: 43″
  • low hip/butt: 46″
  • bra size starting point: U.K. 36G

My Fit Issues:

  • Breast shape: wide base, wide-ish roots, close-set, high-set
  • Breast tissue type: fluctuates from slightly soft to average firmness
  • Body type: Figure 8 hourglass at lower weight, X hourglass at higher weight, very short waist, shelf hip
  • I have shoulder and rib injuries – no racer back straps or unpadded underwires

Best Fitting Bra Types:

  • Plunge versions of full-coverage, 3-part bras.
  • Gores can’t be over 3″ tall
  • Sides can’t be over 4″ tall
  • Vertical seams for lift and transversal seams to push inward
  • Industrial strength gores
  • I need deeper cups at the low to mid-line.
  • Bra straps need to be spaced 10″ apart or less where they meet the cups