Shopping. It isn’t fun.

It’s officially spring in Tucson. The wind is blowing and I even spotted my first Gila Monster!

And I have to go shopping for some “basic” clothes. You know, workhorse shorts and tees that you can wear every day.

One would think, since I bother to blog about bras that I appreciate clothes and fashion – and I do. I just don’t appreciate the exhaustive shopping experience that goes with locating clothes for my particular body. This isn’t about self-hate, it’s about finding clothes locally to fit my body.

I have a few things working against me (aside from my cup size). I am undergoing a “body metamorphosis” of sorts – toning up, losing some inches, my naturally wide shape, my almost inconceivably short waist, and accompanying long rise.

I’ll stop talking and illustrate the shopping problem using some of the clothes I tried on at my local Kohl’s.

I spotted this Simply Vera Wang top and got hopeful. Note: I love Vera Wang; however, none of her tops fit my shoulders.

Simply Vera Vera Wang Splatter Crinkle Tee


The only shirt I found to fit my shoulders and chest was this one. It’s a good, solid tee; however, the fabric doesn’t drape enough to show my waist. But if you’re in the market for a wide shouldered tee that can accommodate large breasts give it a whirl.

Croft & Barrow (R) Essential Tee

The process of roaming the store, eyeballing shoulder width, trying on and then returning to the rack. Exhausting. Repeat with shorts and pants….

I tried this skort thinking it may resolve my long rise problem (hide the wedgie), only to end up with the top of the skort at my bra band and a hand full of stiff fabric at my waist. I didn’t have to size up to fit my hips; however, I think these ran large for Dockers since I sized up in the shorts.

And I came home with this short in three colors…okay, these really aren’t bad; however, I did have to size up in them so I could breathe…which means after an hour of wear they’re a half size too large. But if you’re looking for shorts with a long rise definitely try these.

Dockers Soft Khaki Truly Slimming Twill Shorts

And just because I was a glutton for punishment, and because it looked like it might cover my cleavage…I tried on this very pretty dress.  Of course, it was much too small in the ribcage, and the sleeves were much too narrow for my shoulders. The twist knot was literally sitting between my breasts.

Chaps Twist-Front Mock-Layer Dress

Anyone out there have luck shopping this season?

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  1. I can’t say that shopping is fun for me, but as long as I stick to certain designs and colors it’s not a disaster either.
    Dolman sleeves, raglan and so on. Wraps, deep V- and U-necks. Functional lacing. Belts. No seams under bust or on waist (with exception of the case when top is very loose). And so on, and so on.

    1. I tried on quite a few dolmans and raglans; unfortunately, pics weren’t available on the web and I didn’t take pictures in the dressing room. A problem I run into (must do a post with pics) is to fit my shoulders/chest I end up with a very boxy, oversized look around my armpits – the sleeve intersection into the shoulder is twice as deep as needed – makes me look very boxy. I think this is from having a short waist. This happens in traditional as well as dolman/raglan sleeves.

      I need to do a post on belts. They’re comical on me. Most double over, my waist is so short.

      A major problem I have is maxing out at the top of the size range for shoulders/chest in clothes. I think they expect me to be bigger in places I’m not and smaller in others. And I can’t go up, because there’s no size to go up to.

      Plus size clothes generally don’t work. They get larger in the waist and deeper in the back – two places I don’t need a more generous fit.

      1. I think short waist indeed could be responsible for making you look boxy in clothes with deep armhole, it can be cured by strategically placed print or color-blocking, but I’m afraid it will be impossible to find in shops. But very deep V helps with boxiness, too (cardigans, jackets, coats).
        About belts – using thinner belt the same color as top usually helps.

        I have exactly the same problem with almost everything being too big in the waist and back if it fits bust and shoulders. But I can tell you that altering back and waist is much cheaper than altering back, waist and shoulders!

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