Review: Chantelle C Chic 3 Part Plunge 3641

Chantelle C-Chic in

The C Chic is a breakthrough bra, of sorts, for me. Though the sizing was wrong, and the cups too round (translation = narrow) – it proved that 3 part plunge bras are probably my best hope for a good fit.

Chantelle C-Chic in
Chantelle C-Chic in Orange Sunrise. Image from Chantelle.

A big bonus  – the C Chic is available in five colors, and it is pretty! I am the queen of beige bras, and if the C Chic would have worked I would have immediately ordered it in Orange Sunrise (pictured above)!

Chantelle C Chic Sexy 3-Part Plunge, 38H
Chantelle C Chic Sexy 3-Part Plunge, 38H

Band: Very comfortable and deep around my ribs. Would have been perfect if it didn’t rub my armpits. Three column and row closure – FABULOUS.

Gore: Tacked beautifully and was not too wide nor too tall.

Wires: A more winged U than most; however, the outer wire was too tall and poked my armpit. The wires were also too rounded at the bottom (which made them too narrow).

Cups: Fit better than most, which is saying a lot. Great coverage (not too much, not too little) and shape up top. But, oh the bottoms of the cups. Lots of wrinkling and unused space under my breasts and above the wire. The wire was simply too round at the bottom. I tried flattening the wires and got one breast to settle into a cup; however, that created another problem – the gore didn’t tack because the cup was too shallow.

Conclusion: There’s lots wrong with the fit of this bra on me; however, it FELT GOOD. Despite the 3 part cup with vertical and transverse seaming I didn’t get the lift I needed from this bra, probably because of the combination of wire and cup depth issues. The wires are too rounded and cup too shallow to allow my breasts to settle to the bottom of the cups. The wires are also too tall for my short waist and poked me in the armpits.

If you are short waisted or high set, this bra may work for you. The design isn’t “alot of bra” – it is quite minimal for a 3 part 38H (U.K. FF) bra. This bra was so inspiring I went to my local Dillard’s (the place that thinks FF cups are half cups) to try on more Chantelles. I discovered Chantelle prescribes to the “not alot of bra” theory in most of their styles; unfortunately, their cups are just a bit too rounded (narrow) in the wires for me. Note, I did fit into U.K. F or E cups each time. At this point, I don’t know if I’ve shrunk or if Chantelle cups run large.

38H Chantelle C Chic 3 Part Plunge 3641 (U.K. 38FF)

Band: 30″ unstretched, 36″ stretched; very supportive. Would not size down to a 36. 3 row, 3 column hooks

Distance from strap to strap: 10″

Gore height: 3″

Band Seam: 5″

Cup Circumference: 13″

Wire Type/Shape: Firm feel. U with a slight wing, stretches from band tension to form a wider wing, stretches top and bottom to become wider.

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