Review: Lunaire Seamless Sports Bra 267-11

Lunaire Seamless Sports Bra in fuscia/navy. Image from Lunaire.

The Seamless Sports Bra is Lunaire’s new all-around cup-sized sports bra offering, debuting in the latter half of 2013.

Lunaire Seamless Sports Bra in citroen/gray. Image from Lunaire.
Lunaire Seamless Sports Bra in citroen/gray. Image from Lunaire.

I must admit, when I chose the Seamless, I thought it was wireless…. If you look back at all of my sports bra posts, you’ll notice I haven’t tried a wired sports bra (and passionately opposed the idea of inserting myself into one). So, you can imagine my surprise when the bra I unwrapped was wired.

And pink.

Lunaire Seamless Sports Bra in fuscia/navy. Image from Lunaire.
Lunaire Seamless Sports Bra in fuscia/navy. Image from Lunaire.

Since I struggle with wires to fit my odd shape, I have always assumed wired sports bras would be one of the worst types of torture available to my body. Happily, the Lunaire Seamless Sports Bra proved me wrong.

Band: The 38″ band was a comfortable fit. The band fits over my smaller under bust and lower rib flare comfortably.

Gore: The gore doesn’t tack. The gore is quite tall and the cups are a bit too small for me. The amazing part about the gore (remember I have zero experience with wired sports bras) is despite the gore height and cup lift, the gore is amazingly narrow and comfortable. The gore does effectively separate the breasts to prevent the uni-boob look you get with some sports bras.

Wires: The wires on the Lunaire Seamless Sports Bra are quite wide, tall and U-shaped…and ultimately, this is why the bra is not a comfortable fit for me. The wires jam into my armpits and force the bra down my torso, leaving empty space above the wires.

Cups: The cups are soft to the touch and very comfortable on the skin. The inner cups are constructed of super-supportive moulded spacer fabric (I love spacer fabric) finished with Vaportex finish for breathability and to draw moisture away from the skin. The outer cups are seamless,  stretch mesh. I found the cups lifted a bit off my chest – this could be because I need a larger cup size or because the wires are too tall for my build and were forcing the cups down and out.

Interior of Lunaire Seamless Sports Bra. Image by

Straps: I am a huge fan of the Seamless Sport’s straps. They are very adjustable with eight metal hooks and loops. The straps are not too widely set, and rested comfortably on my shoulders.

Adjustable straps of Lunaire Seamless Sports Bra. Image by

Conclusion: I really like the Lunaire Seamless Sport. Despite the high wires, I was able to wear it for about four workouts. I found it comfortable (minus the underarm area) and supportive (despite it’s gradual migration down my ribs while it looked for a place to rest it’s wires) for low-impact workouts. I have considered trying to alter the Seamless so I can wear the wires more comfortably. Strangely enough, I grew to like the pink/fuscia colorway and found the combination very flattering to my skin. The construction and fabric quality is very good – it washes well and holds it’s shape. I would recommend the Lunaire Seamless Sport to those of you with average to low set breasts, and who are close-set. Because it isn’t a bulky bra with a deep front band, short-waisted women would probably like the Seamless. I’d especially recommend this bra to women who are fans of Wacoal bras, because of the wire height and width. I would not recommend the Seamless to high set women because of the height of the wires.

The Lunaire Seamless Sport is available in two color ways – citroen/gray and navy/fuscia in sizes 34C-42H US.


The Lunaire Seamless Sports Bra was provided for review from Lunaire. The opinions are my own.


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