Review: Love Claudette Paramour 15008

Claudette Paramour. Image from Love Claudette.

Oh Claudette, how I want to be your paramour!

The Love Claudette Paramour is the fourth of five Love Claudette bras I’ve tried: the En Dentelle, the Sophia Minx, the Cool Cotton, and the Dessous (review to come).

Claudette Paramour. Image from Love Claudette.
Love Claudette Paramour 15008 in Garnet. Image from Love Claudette.

I have a serious flirtation with Love Claudette. I will continue to try every bra they make, and eventually, I know I’ll find my perfect fit. What’s not to love? Fabulous colors, insanely comfortable – I mean have you tried a Claudette band? Really? It’s like getting wrapped in velvet ribbon while someone feeds you chocolate. Scratch that. While Joe Manganiello (did I really need to link to a pic, I know you know who he is…) feeds you chocolate. Feeds me chocolate. Wait, I lost my train of thought….

Anyway, back to the Love Claudette Paramour… I know I say this every time I try a Claudette bra, but the bra was almost perfect. If I had not tried on the Panache Idina Plunge during the same fitting, I probably would have kept the Paramour.

Band: The 38 band is a perfect fit. Not too deep. Claudette bands make me want to write sweet, adoration filled poetry.

Gore: This is where the flirtation always goes south, and I end up with a different bra. The gore does not tack perfectly for me. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a bit too tall, or because the gore is too wide.

Wires: Like all Claudettes, the wires are insanely comfortable. I fill the cups well on the outer edges; however, I can’t fill the bottoms near the center. I think the wires are too wide set at the center and too tall, so they end up on my breast tissue and push the gore out from my body. The wires are quite deep and rather U-ey for a Claudette bra – still crescent-ish, but deeper than the En Dentelle.

Cups: Insanely comfortable. I get a natural, lifted look and the cups feel very supportive and comfortable. My gore issue isn’t because the cups are too shallow – there’s plenty of stretch left in the cups.

Straps:Very comfortable. They do not hit my arm pits.

Conclusion: The Paramour is just one hair away from a perfect fit. I want to keep it, but my I know the gore is just too tall and too wide set.  I have a serious addiction to Claudette bands – they consistently fit me better than any other brand I’ve tried.  I think the Paramour is a great option for short waisted and high set women. Because of the slightly wide gore (which isn’t the shortest gore out there and the best fit for close-set breasts), the Paramour probably isn’t the safest bet for close-set breasts.

Bra Stats: 38F Love Claudette Paramour

Band: unstretched 30″; stretched 37″

wire length: 11″

gore height: 3 1/2″

distance between straps: 10″

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  1. The way you describe the Claudette bands makes me year for the expanded size range so I can try one!!!

    1. I am so insanely ready to own a Claudette bra. I stalk retailers. I’m thinking of buying a Dessous despite the slightly lumpy look my boobs get in it…

      Bottom line – I need a plunge with a bit more lining than the Dessous. And it wouldn’t hurt if Joe Manganiello delivered it.

  2. Sweets says: Reply

    Ugh, I loved the Paramour so, so much. From afar, because they don’t make my size yet, but it’s SUCH a lovely set. I hope you find the Claudette bra that works for you soon, because their designs are just so lovely!

    1. Thanks! So do I….sigh.

    1. Thanks for the mention and link in your post!

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