Review: Elomi Valentina EL8400

Elomi Valentina. Image from Elomi.

I was very excited to try the Valentina. I’ve read other reviews – rave reviews, and I had high hopes. The Valentina is pretty in a photograph, but stunning in person. The fabric is soft and silky and the colors demand your attention. The four-part cups and side support promise unrivaled lift.

You know where this is going, don’t you? You remember that, ahem, mass Freya style review: Freya (and I mean ALL of them) Does Not Fit Me?

A commonly heard phrase we’ve all used is “that’s life”. Well, I’m finding when it comes to bras, I’m a tough fit…and that’s life. The details, of course, are for another post.

The good news is that I’ve discovered some distinct fit points about Elomi bras that I’d like to share.

Elomi Valentina. Image from Elomi.
Elomi Valentina. Image from Elomi.

First, Elomi bras are very comfortable – like a fuzzy slipper on a cold day while standing on freezing tile comfortable. You just want to be in an Elomi bra and stay in it.

Second, Elomi is fabulous for women with side boob or breast tissue that likes to fall to the sides, or breasts that are wide at the base (top). Those points are distinctly different, by the way.

Third, if your back is shaped like a V, Elomi is a great brand to explore if you’re in the Elomi size range….

Fourth, if your back/ribcage is shaped like a square, you’ll probably have band issues…because Elomi bands are designed (as best as I can tell) for the bottom half of the band to be shorter than the top. If you have a square or flared ribcage – the bottom half of the band will bear the burden of support in an Elomi bra and the top half will literally be flapping in the breeze. I am basing this observation on trying several Elomi bras and a Maggie Babydoll.

Fifth, Elomi plunges seem to be a bit shallow or not the best fit for close-set breasts, or perhaps they aren’t the best fit for wide base (wide at the top breasts) since that’s where the cut-in happens on me. Or maybe that’s just me. I hope someone who fits well in Elomi who is close set will chime in.

Now, on to the Valentina (who broke my heart).

Band: I tried a 38E in the Valentina and the band is too long – I need a 36, which leads me to believe the band is generous. The band also gapes at the top all around, so the support is coming from the bottom half of the band, only. I wasn’t able to try the Valentina in a 36; however, I did try other Elomis in a 36 and the bands were consistently tighter at the bottom than the top on my square-ish/flared ribs, compared to other bra brands. Note, I do observe this type of fit in other bands, Elomi is simply the most extreme example of this phenomena I’ve run into.

Gore: Does not tack. It is certainly low enough.

Wires: Very comfortable. They do consistently wrap around my sides, and I think they are actually a bit too wide for my build. I am wide, but my tissue does not tend to wrap around my sides – and Elomi bras seem to be designed to accommodate side boob.

Cups: I tried an E cup in the Valentina, based on my experience with other Elomi plunges. I think the cups are either too shallow, or just the wrong cut for me.  I think the cups are small in the wrong places (overall, the cup size is fine). The elasticized tops cut into my breasts (I’ve found other Elomi plunges do this, also). I also don’t get very good lift from the cups, and end up with a conical look. If I shorten the straps, the cups cut into my breasts.

Straps: Straps are very comfortable and supportive. They do not drift into my armpits.

Conclusion:  The Valentina is a pretty and fun bra, and very comfortable. Unfortunately, I’m not having good luck with Elomi plunges, and I’m quite afraid Elomi is going the way of Freya for me…and the brand may not be a good fit for my shape.  I do think the Valentina is a good bra for short waists and high set breasts – the band and gore are short, giving you room to adjust the bra your chest for a good fit. The sides are short enough not to stab your underarms.  I’m not sure if the Valentina is a good choice for close-set breasts or wide base breasts – it seems to cut into tissue and not tack, which has happened to me on most Elomi plunges I’ve tried. Elomi may design their plunges for more top-full, shallow, or average/small base breasts…which would explain my ill fit…so if you are close set, but top-full and average width, or shallow Elomi may fit you very well.

Elomi Valentina 38E Bra Stats

band: unstretched 33 1/2″; stretched 39″

wire length: 11 1/2″

gore height:2 1/3″

side seam height: 3 1/2″

distance between straps: 9″

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  1. Nicole says: Reply

    I have reviewed the Valentina as well in both the black and red and will be reviewing this color way soon.

    I have it in a 40HH and a 42HH. I have the problems you mention with the band in the 42HH

    1. Nicole, thanks for commenting! Can you please post the links to your reviews? I tried searching your site and couldn’t find them.

      When I go down in band size it does tighten (of course) but the band still feels off on me. It also exaggerates the wire width…

  2. Great review! I have seen issues with the Elomi bands like you describe, especially in the 42/44 band sizes. Personally, I think they need to make the bands a little stretchier at the bottom to accommodate. What’s funny though is I have a very v-shaped torso, so I have the opposite problem where the top of the band gets the brunt of the pull. The more I learn and discuss bras, the more slack I cut manufacturers because we are all so different that trying to take into account every variable must be mind boggling!

    1. I agree, it must be mind boggling to design bras.

      Btw, I find Panache/Cleo bands do this to a lesser degree – which is probably one reason why they fit me better, overall.

  3. Tori says: Reply

    … because Elomi bands are designed (as best as I can tell) for the bottom half of the band to be shorter than the top.

    OMG, this is the problem!

    Excuse me. I just had a light bulb moment.

    I have 3 Elomis in which I altered the bands to make them a bit (approximately 1 band size, give or take) shorter. While the overall band size is now comfortable, after a day of wear, I experience definite digging in at the bottom of the band only.

    I’ve been blaming my rudimentary sewing skills — and to be fair, I’m sure this could still be a co-factor — but it now seems the bra simply may not have had a uniform band length to begin with.

    1. WideCurves says: Reply

      Tori, if your band area isn’t V shaped you may get uneven pressure distribution in quite a few brands. Certain Elomi styles are quite V-shaped. I’ve felt this in other brands/styles, too.

      I have a square and flared rib cage where my band sits – so I’m an A shape. I need to offset my bra hooks or alter my bands to make the top half of the bands tighter in many styles.

      This small adjustment can make a huge difference in fit.

      1. Tori says: Reply

        I am actually somewhat V-shaped through the band area, enough that I experience the opposite issue — band tighter at the top than at the bottom — in certain other styles. This is perhaps why the Elomi issue didn’t click for me until just now.

        1. WideCurves 1 says: Reply

          Interesting. Which Elomi styles are you experiencing this with?

          I’ve had issues with anything that isn’t a mesh band – so the best Elomi band I’ve experienced is the Hermione.

          1. Tori says:

            I have a Jasmine, and Abi, and an Eva — though as I mentioned, they’ve all been self-altered in the band. I think I shortened the top as much as I did the bottom, but I’m not sufficiently confident in my sewing abilities to swear this is true.

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