Posture Perfect

Without getting into too many details I would like to scream from the highest mountain: POSTURE AND A GOOD BRA EXPERIENCE ARE INTERTWINED!

I have been on a body makeover journey, of sorts, for a while now. Six months ago I strained a ligament/tendon and began a quick slide into what can only be described as Posture Hell. After two months in Hell (spent with a frustrated personal trainer who was obviously perplexed by my limited abilities to move my left shoulder) I lucked into a great orthopedic massage therapist. She kneaded and cajoled and somehow loosened my frozen shoulder and gave me a list of daily neck and shoulder exercises to improve my terrible posture, along with strict instructions about exercises I should and shouldn’t do in the future.

Women’s Health Magazine: Seated Stability Ball Row

To my therapist’s regimen I added a basic Pilates move to align my hips, and magically my workouts and comfort began to align. I also noticed I became pickier about my bras – I could feel any ill-fit in my bras: a too loose band, unsupportive cups, etc. easily. It is no coincidence I started my mad search for bras a few months ago, once my shoulder no longer caused me pain (and was able to gauge the fit level of my bras).

Fast forward to the past few weeks… It’s spring and I need clothes, so I went shopping. I carried around a heavy purse and piles of clothes. I messed up all of my good work, and recently I had another appointment with my therapist.

She told me I was doing a great job, and my knotted neck and shoulders were nowhere near their previous hellish states. She did show me how I am overcompensating with certain back muscles, and pointed out shoulder muscles that need further development. I can’t help but wonder if these changes will help me feel even more comfortable in my bras.

I do admit I’ve been in a bit of pain post-massage. Good news is I can feel my shoulders relaxing, and when I make the effort to hold the new, more relaxed posture I do feel more comfortable in my bras.

My advice to those who have neck, shoulder, back, and even chest pain…it may be worthwhile to seek the advice of a therapist. As mine pointed out – we tend to overstretch our upper back, and with two large breasts on my chest pulling my shoulders forward I’m constantly fighting a battle. For women like me, proper posture development can be very beneficial.

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