Review: Curvy Kate Daily Boost Balcony CK1801

Curvy Kate Daily Boost. Image from Curvy Kate.
Curvy Kate Daily Boost CK1801

The idea that some company, somewhere, makes bras to fit my wide breasts is a something I cling to.

If you look at my Lingerie Drawer, you’ll notice the CK Daily Boost is a bra I tried but do not own. I really, really wanted this bra to work, because I wanted Curvy Kate to work…because when you say “I have wide breasts” people yell “Curvy Kate!”.

Unfortunately, I can’t give the Daily Boost a full review because the fit was abysmal; however, I can offer a few notes to help anyone with my fit issues. I tried the 36F, 36FF, 36G, 38E, and 38F.

Band: Loved it. Firm and supportive and deep. I was most comfortable in a 36.

Gore: It would not tack any any size I tried. It was downright comical. The gore projected roughly 2″ from my chest in all sizes. Perhaps this was because the gore was too wide and the wires too short towards the gore?

Wires: Strangely enough, too wide? The wires stretched very far back on my ribs towards my back. They were lower; however, than Panache wires which leads me to believe they would have worked, if…

Cups: Way too shallow horizontally and too deep vertically. The cups are so shallow that my breasts were suspended mid-air with at least 2-3″ of unfilled fabric between my breasts and the wires. Ditto for the top of the cups. Moving up/down in band/cup size did not solve the problem. Just to prove a point, I took some undies and stuffed them in the bottoms and tops of the cups and got an improved fit (also increased my bust by quite a few inches). In retrospect the cups/straps were a little wide-set for me, and may have irritated my pectorals since wide straps can become exaggerated on a wide frame. I tried pushing the cups up in an attempt to settle my breasts in the bottom of the cups and the band/straps hit my armpits. I could not adjust myself into the cups.

Conclusion: The Daily Boost has shallow cups and wide-ish straps. Unfortunately this bra does not fit my body.

A great review that inspired me to add my $0.02 to the Daily Boost debate is this one from A Sophisticated Pair. She also has links to other reviews found in the bra blogosphere, along with a great video.

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  1. Thanks for linking to the review! I found your experiences fascinating. It seems like this bra can be a tricky fit no matter what your breast shape it. The space at the bottom was definitely problematic for me, but the way it was so shallow near the center was really what made me give up on the bra. Have you had similar experiences with other Curvy Kate bras?

    1. I haven’t tried other CK’s. I’ve been looking for an “everyday” type bra – no frills, light colored, and smooth enough to wear under a variety of clothes; unfortunately, most CK’s are a bit ornamental. I did look for the Smoothie, but at the time could not find it except in black.

      When I put together my fit points: low gore, low sides, more centered straps, a slight pad to the cups….CK options get thin. I have considered the Desire.

      1. Beware with the Desire! The band runs *very* tight, and the cups are extremely shallow. I had one customer need to go up 3 cup sizes from plus a band size in order to get the right fit. Have you ever tried the N Line by Natori? They’re not as widely known in the blogosphere because of their lower size range, but they meet all of your requirements. 🙂

        1. Thanks for the tip! Not that I know of (unless I tried it in a retail store and didn’t record it). I looked some up and it looks like the largest cup size is roughly equivalent to a U.K. FF? According to HerRoom measurements of gore and band height the Sensuous Curves 1336108 may be a good candidate. The roundness of the wires make me cringe, though. Usually round wires stop my breasts from settling into the bottoms of the cups (obviously, a huge problem unless it’s a wide wire). Yes, they are THAT wide.

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