Lucy Activewear for Wide Shoulders, Larger Busts and Hips, and Long Rises

Body & Mind Tunic from

Athletic apparel designed to fit wide shoulders, larger busts and hips, and long rises is difficult to find.  But thanks to a little luck and a very patient and helpful salesperson at the local Lucy store, I found some well fitting workout options.

First, a note about Lucy’s size chart. Luckily, Lucy appears to make and stock athletic apparel up to a size 18 – the XL fitting up to a 44 bust / 38 waist / 46 hip. Excellent news for women like me in those hard-to-find sizes.

Lucy Activewear Size Chart from
Lucy Activewear Size Chart from

Since I live in a warm climate, I collect short sleeved tops by the dozens and can count the long-sleeved jackets in my closet on one hand. If I can’t layer it, I don’t buy it. Lucy carries quite a few layering options that are yoga, training and running friendly. The fabrics and workmanship quality are excellent – well worth the higher price point.

The Yoga Flow Tank is the ultimate loose, flowing layering top and it’s sleeveless design is an ideal fit for wide shoulders. I fit best in an XL, and must say the tank was must looser through the torso and hips than shown in the stock image, probably since I size up to fit my large chest.

The Motivate Me Tank is an excellent solution to oh-no-my-top-is-falling-off during inverted yoga poses. The under layer is a compression tank with an interior silicone gel strip at the waist to keep the layer on your hips as your legs reach for the stars. They only had an L in the store, which was very tight…so I’m assuming an XL would fit.

The Enchanted Long Sleeve Yoga Top was the perfect example of what to look for in a shoulder seam for wide shoulders – they call it an ‘angled side seam’ and the design is fabulous for wide shoulders.

Yoga and workout pants to fit wide hips and long rises are not easy to find; however, Lucy has designed three styles that fit my rise well enough I wouldn’t need to hide in the back row during yoga class.

The Hatha pant is a low-rise yoga pant; however, despite the low-rise label I found the Hatha Capri a good fit in an XL.

The Everyday Capri is billed as an everyday, knock- around, run-your-errands or go-on-a-walk style. The style is very loose and roomy, with plenty of length in the rise and room in the hips in an XL. I would probably need an L. I did see a fellow shopper darting around Ann Taylor in a pair of Everyday Capris, and noticed she opted for the roomiest fit.

My favorite pant was the Vital Capri. If I didn’t already own two pairs of yoga pants, and the forecast didn’t call for 90+ degree weather – these relaxed, high rise capris are the bottoms I would have purchased (and they are definitely on my list for fall). There was a bit of debate about the correct size – I had a bit of wrinkling in the legs in the XL, so the salesperson advised sizing down to an L.

As usual, I found a few more Lucy styles I like for wide shoulders, bigger busts and wide hips when I checked the Lucy online store.

The Sun Salute Pullover, Runner’s High Top, Blissed Out Yoga Top, Motivate Me Training Top, and Body & Mind Tunic are all great options for wide shoulders and larger busts. The Daily Practice Hoodie is just too good to pass up – a short sleeved lightweight layering jacket is a rare find.

The Perfect Booty Short and Vital Skirt are two styles I’d like to try. The Perfect Booty Short’s mid-rise height and 5″ inseam, along with other magically sculpting promises is too intriguing not to try. The Vital Skirt is one of those must-have options for long rises: versatile and durable.


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