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Prima Donna A La Folie Plunge Balcony 0141127SCA. Screenshot from

Belgian lingerie brand PrimaDonna, known for luxurious fabrics and impeccable attention to detail and quality, has a loyal following worldwide. PrimaDonna makes beautiful bras, shapewear, and panties and has recently released their first swimwear line.

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Those who wear Prima Donna swear by PrimaDonna.

I tried five PrimaDonna styles over the past year, and I learned a few things.

First, a few notes about PrimaDonna sizing and styles. PrimaDonna is sold in EU cup sizes B-J, and band sizes 65-115. Some styles come in several versions, based not just on cut but also cup size. For example, the Aurora comes in twelve style numbers (six styles, two SS14 colorways), differentiated by size and cut. In brief, searching for a specific PrimaDonna style can be frustrating – you must watch your style numbers.


The aggravation of chasing style numbers is a fair trade, in my opinion, for the reward you can receive by experiencing PrimaDonna’s attention to design adjustments for specific band/cup combinations. I have no complaints about PrimaDonna’s scaling. Straps are centered over my breasts, and magically…many wings do not jam into my armpits. I sincerely hope PrimaDonna continues to expand it’s cup range so more women can experience their beautifully constructed designs.

Second, a note about purchasing PrimaDonna bras in the U.S. The deepest PrimaDonna stock in the U.S. can be found at Prima Donna Bras. You won’t find all continuity styles and seasonal colorways on the U.S. site, but you will find a deeper selection than any other U.S. retailer. I do caution that seasonal styles/colorways are generally called ‘special order’; therefore, nonreturnable/nonexchangeable from the PrimaDonna U.S. store. See screen shots, below. PrimaDonna bras are available in the U.S. from other vendors, read below for specifics.

I did not intend for this post to become the monster it is; however, I found a roundup of all five styles to be more cohesive than breaking the review down by style. My goal when writing this post was to demystify PrimaDonna styles and sizing, with a general fit guide and retailer resources in the U.S. market.

PrimaDonna tends to group their designs not just by collection, but by cut…sort of. Within a collection, the term balcony is used interchangeably with plunge, and larger cup sizes are called ‘underwired’, or ‘comfort’…with a few ‘padded’, ‘spacer’, and ‘soft’ labels to keep it interesting. I advise sticking to the style number (which also describes colorway) to avoid confusion, especially if your size overlaps styles within a collection.


PrimaDonna Menton Underwired Plunge 161565

Since I’m always in search of a deep cup plunge, the infamous Menton Plunge was the bra that initially peaked my interest in PrimaDonna. The Menton Plunge is notoriously deep cupped and luxurious, and rumor has it the cups run two sizes large… but I must be honest, finding the Menton Plunge in my size wasn’t easy. I finally located a Menton Plunge in 36G at Townshop, thanks to Darlene from Hourglassy. The Menton Plunge can also be purchased at HerRoom (but not in G cups), as well as A Brief Affair (no G cups at time of posting).

Prima Donna Menton Plunge 0161565ZWA. Image from
PrimaDonna Menton Plunge 0161565ZWA. Image from


A three-section underwired bra with a deep neckline, creating a sensual look. Fine Leavers lace on the upper cups and the shoulder straps ensures a feminine, elegant feel. The deep cups reveal sensual cleavage, accentuated by the lace finish on the upper cups. The Leavers lace also ensures that the cups hug the skin at the top. The side section centres the breasts and the lower cup gives sturdy uplift. The sturdy Simplex gives extra support and shapes the breasts to create a slimmer figure. ~ PrimaDonna

First, the band was a great fit and was shallow enough to fit above my rib flare without stabbing my underarms. The gore was comfortable and tacked perfectly.

The generous stretch Leavers lace on the cups allows room for my usually troublesome close-set breasts. Unfortunately, the cup construction left me with a horrid shape (ski-slope crossed with cones)…so, despite the blissfully deep cups and supportive fabric the Menton Plunge did not work for me. The Menton Plunge wing wires tend to arc forward at the wing and have wider root shapes – the combination is simply the wrong shape for my breasts.

The Menton Plunge straps were a pleasant surprise: well spaced, half adjustable, and wider than usual.

I’m going to say something you might find difficult to believe. I won’t forget the first time I tried a PrimaDonna stretch fabric bra. Despite the horrid shape I received from this bra I will never forget the thick, supportive and sumptuous fabric. It ruined me.

Conflicting size information and availability can make the Menton Plunge difficult to purchase in the U.S. According to the PrimaDonna website, the Menton Plunge is available in EU sizing 70-90E, 70-85F, 70-80G. HerRoom lists 75-85C as backordered, and Townshop sells 70-85D.


PrimaDonna Twist A La Folie Balcony Plunge 141127

Prima Donna A La Folie Plunge Balcony 0141127SCA. Screenshot from
Prima Donna A La Folie Plunge Balcony 0141127SCA. Screenshot from
A sexy deep plunge balconnet. The combination of firm uni fabric and embroidered elastic tulle ensures the perfect fit and creates an elegant look. The light yet firm spaghetti straps are finished with a playful bow. The firm cups lift and centre your breasts to create a round form and sensual cleavage. ~ PrimaDonna


The A La Folie plunge is the fourth style (modeled in black colorway) in this video.



Like the Menton, everything about this bra screams stretch, quality and comfort – the straps, the cups, the band. The distinctive support and shape received from PrimaDonna bra comes from a different place than other brands I’ve tried. The best analogy is to say PrimaDonna bras feel like embraces, not harnesses.

Like the Menton Plunge, the A La Folie band is very supportive and smoothing; unfortunately, it was also taller than the Menton… and I experienced severe underarm cut-in.

PrimaDonna gores are not typically narrow, and since I sized up to an 85 (38) band the wires were sitting on my breast tissue in the center of my chest.

The A La Folie cups are not as deep or cone-shaped as the Menton Plunge – I received a more rounded and natural shape. The stretch lace section is slightly shallower than the Menton plunge, but still provided enough stretch to mould beautifully. I was pleasantly surprised the stretch ribbon detail that runs through the top of the cup did not cut into my breasts (and I’d say this small fit detail is quite encouraging for full-on-top and close set ladies). The lower section of the cup has a tiny bit of stretch to it, but the cups are lined with a non stretch mesh for lift and support. Genius, really. Again, elasticized around the underarms for a custom fit and the typical ‘C-shaped’ PrimaDonna wires.

I can’t discuss the A La Folie without mentioning the unusual straps. The half-adjustable dual spaghetti straps finished with bows, provide an interesting accent to the piece. The straps have a different feel to them, but once adjusted provide firm support.

The Twist A La Folie Plunge is available under various style numbers in EU sizes 75-90 C-D, 70-90 E-F, and 70-85 G. The style can be purchased from Townshop and Prima Donna Bras U.S..




PrimaDonna Madison Underwired Bra 0162121


Prima Donna Madison Underwired Bra 0162121FLO. Image from prima
PrimaDonna Madison Underwired Bra 0162121FLO. Image from prima
Three-section underwired bra with a unique fit and extra deep cups. Finished at the front with elastic lace that hugs your curves; the check pattern on the lower cups gives you a fresh youthful look. The sturdy cups lift the breasts, which are also centred by the side section. The higher side section covers more of your breast and gives more support. The cups are also deeper, which ensures better uplift for largest breasts, shaping them to create a smooth, round look. ~ PrimaDonna



I have learned “Underwired” is PrimaDonna’s terminology for “three part cups for big boobs”. The Madison and A La Folie (below) Underwired styles felt quite similar, though the Madison was the better fit.

Now is the time to mention how PrimaDonna builds their bands in the Underwired styles: they extend down the ribcage instead of up under the arms. The cups are designed to give the wearer generous space under the arms. In short, despite the high cups size and full coverage I don’t have a bunch of junk in my armpits. And this is a beautiful, beautiful thing…

I found the Madison Underwired band quite tight because the band is tall and positioned lower on my ribcage, over my flare. However, since I’m close-set, I’d probably stick with an 80/36 band (but in a larger cup) with an extender.

Again, the wide and tall PrimaDonna gore does not tack; however, I still felt secure in the bra.

The straps are stretchy, soft and comfortable and occupy the optimal position on my chest and shoulders.

PrimaDonna’s magical combination of stretch fabric and lace come together in a design that is supportive, comfortable, and gives the wearer an uplifted shape. Against all odds, there’s plenty of room for my wide base breasts in this full coverage style.

The Madison Underwired is available in EU sizes 75-100 B-C, 70-100 D-E, 70-105 F-H, and 70-100 I in various style numbers at Prima Donna Bras U.S.HerRoom (listed under style 016-2120), and Townshop.



PrimaDonna Twist A La Folie Underwired 0141121


Prima Donna A La Folie Underwired 0141121CAL. Image from
PrimaDonna A La Folie Underwired 0141121CAL. Image from


An elegant three-section full form bra. The combination of firm uni fabric and embroidered elastic tulle ensures the perfect fit and creates an elegant look. The light yet firm spaghetti straps are finished with a playful bow. The firm cups lift the breasts, which are also centred by the side section producing a full, round shape. ~ PrimaDonna

I tried the A La Folie Underwired in both G and H cups. Unfortunately, the H cup didn’t improve the fit (and actually exacerbated problems because the gore widened)…but the A La Folie Underwired stood out for several reasons.

Again, the band was very comfortable and deep, extending down my ribcage. The gore did not tack because of the width of the gore, not the height (though the gore was too tall for me).

The fabric choices are amazing, really. The fabulous stretch lace and microfiber fabrics gave me a wonderfully supported and uplifted profile. There is a band of elastic on the upper/outer cup for custom adjustment, and the cups have plenty of depth. This style also features the classic PrimaDonna C-shaped wires which sit on my side tissue. I also can’t fill the bottom or outer edges of the cups, which I’ve found on all PrimaDonna styles. I also experienced cut-in near my armpits in this style, which I think was due to style more than cup size.

The split spaghetti straps are again, a nice touch. Very pretty, but do admit I would snip the bows off after purchase…

Overall, another great style from PrimaDonna. Unfortunately, the cups are too small and the style only goes up to EU H cups.  The use of stretch fabrics in this style is approaching genius and I sincerely wish more brands designed like this. I think this style is a good suggestion for short waisted or high set ladies, but not close set.

The Twist A La Folie Underwired is available in EU sizes 70-100C, 65-100 D-F, 70-100 G-H under various style numbers. It is available at HerRoom under style 14-1120, and PrimaDonna Bras U.S.



Review: PrimaDonna Madison Comfort Full Cup 0162129

Prima Donna Madison Underwired  0162129SCA. Image from
PrimaDonna Madison Underwired 0162129SCA. Image from
Three-section opaque underwired bra with check pattern, creating a fresh young look. The sturdy cups lift the breasts, which are also centred by the side section. ~ PrimaDonna

The Madison Comfort Full Cup was a near-fit for me. I tried the style in a 36/80 band, but a 38/85 may be a better fit over my rib flare. Again, the gore did not tack because it’s a bit wide and tall for me; however, this did not affect the stability I received from the style.

The wonderfully stretchy 3-part cups allowed plenty of room for my wide base breasts. I received excellent lift and shape from this style, with a slight point…probably because I need at least a cup larger. I did have a touch of empty space at the bottom, outer edges of theca cups but not enough to dissuade me from wishing PrimaDonna made the style in an 85I.

The Madison Comfort Full Cup is available in EU sizes 65-95 F; 70-95 C, G-H, 70-100 D-E in various style numbers. HerRoom sells the style under 016-2128, Townshop carries the Madison,as well as PrimaDonna Bras U.S..



PrimaDonna Couture 0162581ZWA


Prima Donna Couture Underwired 0162581ZWA. Image from
Prima Donna Couture Underwired 0162581ZWA. Image from


Three section bra with full form that keeps your breasts under cover. The lower cups are in structure tulle with a corsetry motif, while the elastic lace in the upper cups produces a feminine neckline. The shoulder straps are decorated with a fine stitched band. The firm double-layered lower cups and the non-elastic side section lift and centre your breasts. The result is perfectly round breasts. ~ PrimaDonna


The Couture Underwired is PrimaDonna’s only foray in an EU J cup…and unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to try the style. The description sounds promising…lower cups, stretch, and round breasts!

The Couture is available in EU sizes 75-110 B-C, 65-110 D-E, 65-105 F-H, 70-90 I-J, and can be found at HerRoom under style 016-2580, Townshop (though not in J cups at time of posting), and PrimaDonna Bras U.S..



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