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I am not a Kohl’s shopper, but ironically this is my second post about a successful Kohl’s shopping experience.

Kohl’s has me on the Dockers shorts hook. Kohl’s stocks Dockers in several styles and when it comes to basic shorts to fit my high rise 8-Hourglass shape, Dockers is a great fit.

Two months into a warm spring in southern Arizona, I’m half past desperate for shorts, short skirts, and short-sleeve tops.

The main reason I am not a frequent Kohl’s shopper is because I’ve never found Kohl’s tops to fit my shape. Kohl’s offers several budget-friendly store and designer brands whose aesthetic I’ve continuously failed to connect with or appreciate. Today, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find several tops in the Apt. 9 line featuring wide-shoulder friendly dolman sleeves – and I never walk away from a dolman without at least trying. Kohl’s may have hooked me with what looks like a lounge line – Sonoma life+style. For reference, I think the Apt. 9 and AB Studio lines XL is probably equivalent to an 18 in U.S. sizing. Sonoma life+style XL may be a 16.

First up, the Lace Mixed-Media top. This top has a built-in camisole and I personally liked the paloma color which was a rich pewter. Just a touch of pull from the side across the chest, but not enough to deter me from buying it. It does have a contoured fit; however, not enough for my taste since I was sizing up to an XL to fit my shoulders and chest. Still, I think this top is worth checking out. If you can sew you may be able to alter this top to emphasize your curves. It is available in petites and misses in sizes XS-XL. There’s a similar style in the plus line in 0X-3X with a drop flutter sleeve.

Second, the Checkered Mixed Media top. I appreciate small geometric patterns, and this inexpensive top could easily dress up with a black pencil or a-line skirt or dress pants. Again, just a touch of pull from the side but not enough to make me not want to purchase, except it was just too large for me through the torso in the XL. A few nips and tucks could help, or tucking into pants or skirt.  It is available in misses sizes S-XL, and a similar style in plus 0X-3X.

Third, the Striped Shirred Pieced tank. This tank bears mentioning because of it’s faux wrap design. Ultimately, in an XL it was too small in the chest and too small in the back. This top really is not made for wide backs or big chests…or perhaps it runs small, I really don’t know. There was a bit of odd draping in the shirring, probably due to size. But a faux wrap tank is always worth mentioning, so here it is, available is misses XS-XL in stripes and solids.

Fourth – the top I actually purchased, the Pieced Shadow Stripe Tee… which of course, can not be found on the Kohl’s website. This cuffed dolman is a relaxed, stretchy tee and because of that I could size down to an L which helped the fit tremendously. This top is thin, so beware. I believe it was available in XS-XL in white/blue and white/yellow.

Kohl's Apt. 9 Pieced Shadow Stripe Tee. Image by WideCurves.com.
Kohl’s Apt. 9 Pieced Shadow Stripe Tee. Image by WideCurves.com.

I did find a fifth top – AB Studio Striped Burnout Dolman top, which I think is worth mentioning not just because it’s a dolman but because it’s a burnout with a built-in camisole. Obviously, I appreciate built-in, coordinated camisoles. Unfortunately, I tried the top the off-white shade which did nothing for my skin tone… but the top was flattering (much more so than the stock photo indicates) and very wide shoulder/big-bust friendly in an L. Available in misses XS-XL.

Kohl's AB Studio Striped Burnout Dolman. Screenshot from Kohls.com.
Kohl’s AB Studio Striped Burnout Dolman. Screenshot from Kohls.com.

Luckily, I managed to score some Dockers shorts.

The Soft Khaki Twill shorts are available in solids, plaid and print. They may not be fashion-forward; however, with my long rise I’m extremely grateful to find an everyday short that fits my rise and wide hips. This style fits me best in a 16.

My favorite Dockers short was the Cargo Short, again in a 16, which ironically is not sold at Kohl’s online but is sold through Amazon. One unique feature of these shorts is the inseam, which is 6″ – most cargos I find in a 16 are 8″+ (which don’t flatter my legs). Like the Shadow Stripe Tee you must visit your local Kohl’s to purchase.

Dockers Women's Cargo Short. Screenshot from Amazon.com.
Dockers Women’s Cargo Short. Screenshot from Amazon.com.

My final, and very favorite finds were the Sonoma life+style French Terry Lounge skirts. My two favorite words in one name and one item: lounge+skirt. Plus pockets. POCKETS. I fit best in XL’s – my long rise and wide hips sighed with joy.

Kohl's Sonoma life+style French Terry Lounge Skirt. Screenshot from Kohls.com.
Kohl’s Sonoma life+style French Terry Lounge Skirt. Screenshot from Kohls.com.


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