Clothes for WideCurves: So, I’m finding clothes….


…or are they finding me?

I’m starting recall the emotional satisfaction of successful retail therapy. I’ve also discovered it is more productive to shop more than four times a year. Seriously. Four shopping trips per year has been my average for the last ten years.

So here are the latest big-boob friendly, wide shoulder loving, massive butt and hip happy clothes I’ve found.

Obviously, I’ve been to Old Navy. What can I say….inexpensive and available, and they sell casual, everyday knits that can accommodate wide shoulders. You can interpret their size chart to fit up to a 10″ difference between waist/bust and waist/hips, so they can theoretically fit an hourglass type figure…some days, we get along well.

Old Navy Shirred-Shoulder Jersey Top (image from Old Navy).

I bought the above pictured top in black and grey, size L. Obviously, the cut works for wide shoulders and the fabric drapes softly to prove I have a waist. I am pushing the boob envelope a bit; however, the XL was much too large in the arm holes and neck (and fit me like a sack). Yeah, I know, more black and grey shirts. I do not look for black and grey, they find me. Don’t roll your eyes yet, because I did manage to add some color…

Old Navy "V" shirts.
“New” Old Navy “V” shirts.
"Old" Old Navy V shirts.
“Old” Old Navy “V” shirts.

Note the batwing sleeves and tapered waist – a very flattering fit for wide shoulders and a small waist.  There’s a story behind these shirts. These are the second generation of my much loved Old Navy tops that got me through The Rash Years (Celiac rash called Dermatitis Herpetiformis – sounds ugly, and it was). I don’t know why I’ve kept these old things – I can’t wear them in public…perhaps they are a rash sufferers version of a security blanket?  Good news, I could size down to an L (no rash in sight), so my boobs don’t fall out of the scoop neck.

I have been stalking stores for a skirt version of shorts, so to speak, and I finally found a flattering silhouette. Of course, I purchased all four available colors: black, grey, coral (they say red, but it’s coral), and blue in size L. I will try not to flash everyone… I’m not a very conscientious short-skirt-wearer.

Women’s Drawstring Jersey Midi-Skirt (image from Old Navy).

I found this Anne Klein denim skirt at Ross – size 14. The silhouette fits nicely – perhaps a touch large in the waist, but I love the belt loop detail. The lines are great for my figure – no pocket fuss and the vertical seaming draws the eye up/down.

Anne Klein Denim Skirt – Ross.

Last but not least, I have broken through my “solids” barrier and purchased a patterned top!  Applause, please. I found this top by Lavish – size L, at Ross.  Of course, the dolman sleeves caught my eye, but even better side ruche emphasizes my waist. Win, win.  Note: I would buy more patterns if 90% weren’t horizontal stripes or flowers.

Lavish dolman top - Ross.
Lavish dolman top – Ross.

And there you have it. New clothes. Yes, there’s a messy clean-out-the-closet post coming.

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