Review: Claudette Cool Cotton Sweetheart Demi Bra CD8008

Claudette Cool Cotton Demi Sweetheart CD8008.

The Claudette Cool Cotton Sweetheart Demi is the third of a trio of Claudette bras I ordered from HerRoom. Like the En Dentelle and Sophia Minx, it was two sizes too large in the cups. This will be a brief review, since the Cool Cotton was the wrong size.

Claudette Cool Cotton Demi Sweetheart CD8008.
Claudette Cool Cotton Demi Sweetheart CD8008.

Band: Very comfortable, I would not have sized down to a 36.

Gore: Too tall and wide for my close-set breasts, it would not tack.

Wires: Like all Claudette wires, very comfortable. Of the three Claudettes in the order, the Cool Cotton had the deepest wires – they formed a deeper U before winging out to the sides.

Cups: The cups were deep enough for my lower-full breasts; however, I don’t think I would have had enough lift and support for the best shape, since my breasts are quite heavy, even in the correct cup size.

Straps: Very comfortable. The straps were getting pushed into my armpits; however, not enough that the smaller cup size wouldn’t have corrected the problem.

Conclusion: The Cool Cotton is an extremely comfortable bra. I would actually recommend it as a substitution for a soft cup bra (if you prefer a wired bra but want to feel like you’re wearing a soft cup). If you think the Cool Cotton is a good fit, but want more support, try the Sophia Minx. They are designed similarly, but the Sophia uses a stiffer and more supportive fabric. In the correct size, would the Cool Cotton give great support? Probably not, but if you need wide crescent wires and a comfy cotton bra – turn every rock over to find one of these!

This bra could work for women with short waists, though the cups are a little U-ey and may poke your ribs a bit when you sit or bend. If you are high set or heavy breasted, you may not get your best lift out of this bra; however, the gore and side seam are lower than most in the largest cup and band, so it is probably worth a try. In my correct Claudette size, 38F, gores in other styles measure roughly 3″ tall, and the side bands are roughly the same height.

Claudette Cool Cotton Sweetheart Demi CD8008 - 38G.
Claudette Cool Cotton Sweetheart Demi CD8008 – 38G.
Claudette Cool Cotton Sweetheart Demi CD8008 – 38G

gore: 4″

band seam: 4″

cup circumference: 14 1/2″

band: 29 1/2″ unstretched , 36″ stretched; 2 row, 3 column hooks

wires: crescent shaped and squishy, flattens at gore, bottom, outer side when stretched

strap distance from each other: 10 1/2″

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  1. Hello WideCurves, I just wanted to drop in and say that I love how much detail and thought you put into your posts. It’s so helpful! Honestly, I’ve been wearing the same bras for the last 4-6 years, simply because I find it way too difficult to even start looking for something that fits. In fact, I had no idea what ‘fit’ would even look/feel like for a bra. Well, up till I read your blog anyway! It’s cool how you’ve broken it down into band, gore, straps etc… Would you mind if I wrote a post on my blog, linking people to WideCurves? More women need this kind of information 🙂

    1. Thank you, and link away. You’ll probably enjoy reading some of the other bloggers on my blog roll, as well. I suggest Thin and Curvy and Fussy Busty as good places to start to learn how to get your best fit!

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  3. Alicia says: Reply

    This is the only Claudette ive tried. The fabric was amazing: soft, smooth cottony goodness…but epic fail on me. I tried 38G, my Panache size. In Freya & Curvy Kate I’m 36GG. I was surprised to find it very loose in the band (& I am not a fan of tight bands, so that’s saying something) & large in the cups! Something my full on tops don’t run into often. But worst, the wires were much higher than I expected from this brand, & way too high on my 5’9″ self.

    It has put me off ordering anything else Claudette, but I am till tempted cry the dessous, as I would love to add a new shape with more centered straps.

    1. The interesting thing about Claudette styles (and also annoying) is that each style varies quite a bit in cup height. All of the Claudette bras have the same fit or feel – you know you’re wearing Claudette – but they are each distinct when it comes to wire shape and height. The Dessous is quite a bit shorter at the wing – and to emphasize the short wing, this is the ONLY style I can currently wear in Claudette. As with the Cool Comfort, the band does get very stretchy above an F cup, IMO. I would need a 34GG in the Dessous in the leopard print, but since the cups stop at G I stuck with the 36G and I’ll alter the band. I do find the straps blissfully centered. If you like the Dessous, the Paramour may fit, also. The wings are a touch higher, I believe.

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