Bra Sizes: Converting between systems and brands


Bra shopping isn’t easy, and to make it more complicated, there are several sizing systems out there. Knowing how to convert bra brand sizes and systems, and the brand’s underbust to overbust ratio is key to a good fit.

This is one of those blog posts that will inevitably turn into a page, so here goes the first attempt….


First, know your measurements not your bra size. It is imperative to know the difference between your overbust (over your breasts) and underbust (where the band goes). Write these measurements down and take them everywhere.  Once you establish your starting point size, you can convert from there. Hint: I suggest knowing your U.K. starting size and converting from the U.K. chart – it is much more standard (in my opinion).

There are many sites that tell you how to measure for bras and lingerie, so I won’t attempt a rewrite: instead, I’ll just refer you to some of my favorites.

A Sophisticated Pair

Thin and Curvy (she literally changed my world)

Fussy Busty – Fitting 101 Series

HerRoom – Extensive fit information and calculator. Note: HerRoom also converts sizes for you, check out their Universal Sizing.

Butterfly Collection – Great size charts and instructions on how to measure yourself.



Amoena is a German company with global sites specializing in lingerie, breast forms, partial shapers, swimwear and exercise wear. While I can’t find a formal size guide for bras and lingerie, I find Amoena bras follow U.S. or European sizing. Most lingerie and clothing is aimed at the A-D cup size market, and is generally designed to accommodate prosthetics.


Anita owns the Anita brand, as well as Rosa Faia. Their sizing is probably European, and their tags generally explain their size conversions well. They have an online size chart/calculator (I think it requires Java).

Anita tag.



Cabernet is a Dillard’s department store brand. Cabernet uses U.S. sizing.



I assume Chantelle uses French sizing; however, their tags are rather universal. You can extrapolate your size from one of their tags.




Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate has an extensive size chart on their website, they even tell you which styles are sized similarly. CK uses U.K. sizing.



Elila uses European sizing and has an extensive size chart on their website.



Enell makes compression sports bras, and their sizing is a little different from the traditional band/cup method. Here is their size chart.



Did you know that one company holds several of the more prominent bra brands? Eveden holds Freya, Fantasie, Fauve, Elomi, Huit, Goddess, and Leia. All of the Eveden brands use U.K. sizing, except Goddess who uses U.S. sizing.

Freya (Eveden brand) Faye Plunge tag.

Freya size chart

Fantasie size chart

Fauve size chart

Elomi size chart

Goddess size chart




Figleaves is a U.K. retailer specializing in lingerie and clothing. Their store lingerie brand is U.K. sized.


Just My Size/JMS

Just My Size bras are sized using U.S. size charts.


Love Claudette

Love Claudette does not have a size chart online, and their tags don’t explain what type of system they use. After trying quite a few Claudettes, I find they follow the U.K. sizing system.

Love Claudette tag.




Lunaire, Whimsy and Simply Sexy bra lines are sized using U.S. sizing.



Natori, N, and Josie bra lines are sized using U.S. sizing. You can find their fit chart here.



Another company that holds several brands is Panache. Panache owns Superbra by Panache, Cleo, Masquerade, and Sculptresse. I can’t find an official Panache size chart online, but their tags will tell you most of what you need to know. All of the Panache brands use U.K. sizing.

Panache tag.



Pour Moi?

Pour Moi? is a U.K. company and uses U.K. sizing.


Shock Absorber

Shock Absorber is an athletic apparel company and uses U.K. sizing. Here is their size chart and measuring instructions.




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