Review: Freya Gem Half Cup AA1363

Freya Gem Half Cup AA1363

I was reviewing my bra shopping notes, and discovered I forgot to mention the Freya Gem Half Cup. I found the Gem at Dillard’s – so I was unable to try the FF cup (which is generally my Freya size), so I tried the Gem in a 38 E, F, G.

Freya Gem Half Cup AA1363
Freya Gem Half Cup AA1363. Image from Freya Lingerie.

The Gem is very comfortable. Insanely comfortable. Unfortunately it did not give me a good shape – just not enough “umph” for my heavy breasts. I did want to mention it briefly because I think it is a great bra for short waisted or high-set breasted women. Translation – it did not poke my armpits and the gore did not poke my my chin. Surprisingly, the Half Cup straps did not get pushed out to the sides on my wide frame – if you look at the photo above, you’ll notice they are a bit more centrally placed than the Balcony straps.

The Gem comes in a balcony style, also, which I have not tried.

Freya Gem Balcony AA1361. Image from Freya Lingerie.

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