Shopping: Necessity Kit

Shopping can be miserable.

Bra shopping can be a trip into the depths of Hell. Typically, though, it is brief…because the selection is small.

Shirt shopping can be a long, masochistic trip into the depths of Hell. There can be a hundred shirts in one store, and to find one that will fit I may have to try them all.

And pants….well, let’s not go there, at least not without a few drinks.

I have learned there are few tools that make shopping faster and smarter, and the first “smarter” thing I did was put these tools in a baggie and leave them in my purse. I call this kit my Necessity Kit.

  1. tape measure – A tape measure is very handy for bra shopping, but I’ve been known to whip it out to measure shirt shoulder widths and pant rises.
  2. band extender – A necessity for my bra shopping, in case I meet a bra that’s “good enough”. If you often wish for a shorter band, you may benefit from a Rixie Clip.
  3. camisole/Cami Too – Slide it on to see if that v-neck or wrap can work with a bit more modesty. Particularly handy since so many “made for large busts” tops are v’d or wrapped.
  4. racerback clip – Summer is here, embrace the sleeveless tops while you can. No reason to pass on a great top if you don’t have the perfect racerback or convertible bra.
  5. pencil/small notepad (or smart phone with notes feature) – I take notes on why bras fit or not, and when I find clothing manufacturers that seem to cut for my figure.

Do any of you have shopping tips or tricks you’d like to share?

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  1. Here are my additions to this list:
    – mp3 player or at least headset if sales people in your area tend to be obtrusive;
    – small bottle of water and another pair of shoes if you are going for a shopping marathon (I don’t really know how it works but changing one pair of flats to another helps, it’s a trick I learnt from stylist/personal shopper blog);
    – if you are going to buy perfume – small amount of coffee beans (its smell helps to clear your perception from precious fragrances);
    – dozen of pins (if you see some item which you think might work with minor alteration it helps a lot to try if the alteration is going to work in the fitting room).

    1. Oooh, excellent suggestions! I always carry water/snack (I do live in the desert). Love the pins idea, I’ll definitely add those.

      1. Thank you!

        PS there is one important thing about shopping and things you carrying around I learnt from experience: always put my sunglasses inside my purse immediately after stepping through the mall/shop/boutique doors.

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