Review: Just My Size Ultimate Cotton Comfort Wirefree Bra 22793

JMS Ultimate Cotton Comfort Wireless Bra. Image from

When I started this blog, I mentioned the JMS Ultimate Cotton Comfort Wirefree Bra – it was my everyday bra for many years.

JMS Ultimate Cotton Comfort Wireless Bra. Image from
JMS Ultimate Cotton Comfort Wireless Bra. Image from
JMS Ultimate Cotton Comfort Wireless Bra. Image from
JMS Ultimate Cotton Comfort Wireless Bra. Image from

There was one huge drawback: it wasn’t my proper size and therefore, I did not get the shape and lift I needed.

So, why revisit the JMS now, since I’ve moved on to better fitting bras? Because, ironically, I found myself wishing for one recently.

I’ve been on a quest, of sorts, to find a comfortable, shaping soft cup bra….a unicorn bra for many women. And since I am obviously without a soft cup bra, my thoughts naturally turned to a bra I know well, one that was there for me through some pretty uncomfortable days of Autoimmune Disease pain – the JMS Ultimate Cotton Comfort.

So what are the good things about the JMS? Before I knew the JMS didn’t fit me, I liked it because it was convenient – I could buy it locally at WalMart, it was cottony soft and comfortable, inexpensive, and most importantly it did not irritate the rash under my arms and torso. On me, the JMS worked by compressing my breasts – so it was a minimizer. It didn’t provide great lift on me, because the cups were too small and band too large. If you are wearing your correct size, I’d expect a natural, lifted look.

Today, I wonder if the JMS would keep my breasts compressed, slightly lifted and forward – a bra I could wear around the house when I don’t want to be seen braless by my son’s friends.

The JMS design does have one big plus for me – the straps and upper cups do not cut into my broad base breasts like many other structured soft cup bras – and right now that’s my biggest obstacle in my soft cup quest.

The drawback of the JMS is obvious – it isn’t made in my size. The smallest band is a 38, which I think was a bit big…and the largest cup size in the 38 is a D. So, obviously, I’d be in a 40DD again with a good deal of compression.

As I write this post I realize, unfortunately, that I can’t go back to the JMS. It’s tempting. Very tempting. Although the JMS is no longer an option for me, I do think the JMS is worth talking about – it was a great bra for me at the time.

JMS is a U.S. brand, with U.S. sizing and comes in B-DD cups and bands 38-48. If you’re in the JMS size range and looking for a comfortable soft cup bra I do recommend trying it. If you are short waisted or high set, this bra could work for you. I definitely recommend the JMS if you have wide base breasts.


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  1. Alicia says: Reply

    How funny. I have this bra too, bought for similar reasons, in my case sensitive skin & recovery from illness. It’s the best wire free I’ve come across. Brit brands rarely have any stretch & the bands aren’t soft enough in wire frees, even Royce, which run tiny.

    So I picked up the JMS in a 42DD which fits me like a 38FF. I find the bands on Playtex/JMS to be quite a bit tighter than my Freya 38’s. I need a 36GG in those, but it’s close enough for lounging in the house & working in the garden. It does give a slightly compressed look, but no as much a Lilyette keyhole plunge, which is still the most comfy bra I’ve ever had due to silky microfiber & high spandex, + foam wrapped wires. Another option is a cotton softcup by Comfort Choice, with shirring in the cups to give better separation than usual. I reviewed it in Amazon.

    1. Alicia, it’s very interesting that we bought this bra for basically the same reasons. It is wonderfully comfortable and gives decent support. Unfortunately, I’m left with pain from lack of support if I try to sister-size down in it now. I do wish I could wear it again.

      1. Alicia says: Reply

        Have you seen the tutorial Bras I Hate just posted on how to alter a too-big band? It’s so simple even I could do it. I’m planning to try it on my 40G Lunaire super comfy but 2 band sizes too big. Because of sensitivity issues, I’m following her suggestion of making the folded fabric on the outside. It won’t show, & the comfort is worth it.

        I already wear my socks & pjs tops inside out, so that tells you how far I’m prepared to go for comfort. Also, I’ve tried another technique of stitching a small piece of felt over the outer 1/4 of the wires where the pressure points are for me. (Can’t recall which blog had that tutorial) On top of bending them outward slightly, to conform to my flared rib cage, that has increased my comfort by 50%.

        1. Yes, and her post is referenced on today’s post about bra band tension!

          Have you tried bending your wires around your flare? It helps me, sometimes I have to reshape them, though.

          I hadn’t seriously thought about padding under wires, but now that you bring it up, hmmm. Interesting idea.

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