Review: Freya Active Moulded Spacer Racerback Sports Bra AA4891

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My first sports bra in my newly discovered size was the Freya Wire-Free Racerback. As I mentioned in my Enell 100 post, the Freya had a few uncomfortable features,  and when I ordered my second sports bra I was determined not to make the same mistakes (instead, I made a few new ones…but hey, that’s life).

I recently placed a large sports bra order in an attempt to add a third option to my drawer (the Enell is still hanging in there, but I need a slightly different fit)…so while shopping I dug out my Freya and Enell and laid them out side by side, to compare design and features.

So, what why did I choose the Freya and what did I like and dislike about it?

I chose the Freya because it is wireless (yeah!), and at the time I was wearing a 38F Freya Deco – so I was reasonably sure my size in a Freya sports bra would be a 38F.

The Freya was a definite improvement on wearing a “regular” bra to for workouts; however, the Freya’s racerback styling pulled across my shoulder muscles, causing discomfort. In retrospect (after trying many Freya styles) I don’t think the bra is constructed to accommodate wide-base breasts, which is why I had cut-in over my pectorals and upper breast area. The permanently-attached racerback style also took a bit of contortion to get in and out of, requiring me to reach around to my back and fasten the hooks and eyes…and since I have intermittent shoulder issues, a grope-around-til-I-find-the-hooks approach was exasperatingly painful.

The first thing I noticed (after the struggle to get it on), was the improved support and separation – the bra supports by encapsulation instead if compression, giving a surprisingly nice profile and lift. The 38 band was a good fit, however, the band’s stretch is located in the back…allowing very little forgiveness over my old front rib injury. So, my option to reduce rib pain was to loosen the band, which meant the bra was less supportive.

Overall, the Freya was a great sports bra. It was supportive and well made, and it certainly held up to six months of regular workouts and washings.

I checked the Freya Active website, and it looks like the AA4891 has been discontinued; however, there are other soft cup options available on the site and through retailers, as well as a few AA4891’s on sale.

I learned a lot from the Freya – primarily, not to purchase a bra that doesn’t fully unhook, and to avoid racer backs. I also discovered the joys of encapsulation sports bras.

So what are my goals for my next sports bra? Wireless cups, a stretchy (all the way around) sized band, encapsulation styling, adjustable straps, and soft fabric! I wish, from the bottom of my heart, that it would come with front closures (I’ll wipe my tears with my Enell)…but so far that seems to be an unattainable option.


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