Review: Elila 1620 Microfiber Sports Bra

Elila 1620 Silver and Microfiber Sports Bra. Image from

The Elila Microfiber Sport 1620  is one of four sports bras I’m reviewing for the Fit & Active September series.

The Elila 1620 is a high impact, compression and encapsulation sports bra. I was intruiged by the bra’s inner lining which is made with a silver yarn that claims to wick away moisture, fight odors, and help maintain body temperature. The ‘M frame’ construction is designed to reduce bounce and increase control to the top cup and back panels. The Elila 1620 is sleek and streamlined and comes in one color, black.

Elila 1620 Silver and Microfiber Sports Bra. Image from
Elila 1620 Silver and Microfiber Sports Bra. Image from


If you’re curious about how the Elila 1620 supports and performs, watch’s bounce test video: 


Band: The band hit me at the perfect spot on my ribs, just above my flare. The band isn’t tall/deep.

Cups: The cups were very comfortable. I had a slight pointy look when I looked down at my chest but not from a profile view.

Straps: The half-adjustable straps were very comfortable and padded. I needed to adjust the straps to the shortest setting.

Fabric: The exterior of the Elila 1620 was satiny soft. The interior silver thread lining very comfortable and soft against the skin.

Pectoral Cut-In:  I had a small bit of pectoral cut-in, but not enough to deter me from wearing the bra.

Conclusion: Overall, I really liked the Elila 1620. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel as supported in it as I would have liked. I think the Elila 1620 is an excellent candidate for short-waisted women. The half-adjustable straps may be a tough fit for petite or high-set women. The Elila 1620 comes in sizes 36-46 D/DD/E/F/G/H in European sizing.


Elila 1620 Sports Bra 38G (38F U.K.) Bra Stats


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