It Always Fits: Accessory Love, volume1

Nordstrom Echo Ribbed Shrug. Image from Nordstrom.

Have you ever gone shopping and spent hours digging through racks and trying on lingerie and clothes and shoes…..and nothing fits?

I have, and it feels awful. I usually walk away empty handed because I can’t find my size, or what’s in my size is not my style…or worst of all, it is my size and style and it just doesn’t work.

And while I’ve never been one to shop for the sake of shopping, or purchase because money is burning a hole in my wallet….sometimes a girl just needs a little bit of retail love. The kind that doesn’t judge and tell you your boobs are too big, or your foot is too narrow, or you look deathly ill in that shade.

Some days, I need a good accessory.

Good accessories always fit, are generally on sale or under $50 (from my perspective), and they make you feel good the next day.

So if your weekend shopping gets you down, peek into the accessories department on the way out the door. Find a little love.

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