I’m back. Sort of…

A garden path from my break I Widecurves.com.
A garden path from my break I Widecurves.com.
A garden path from my break I Widecurves.com.


Yeah, I sort of took an unannounced break.

Holidays, parents, a dozen good books, and a zillion thoughts on where I’m going and the blog is headed – it all got jumbled together and turned into a break.


But I’m back, and I’ve come to a few conclusions.

I don’t want to be a bra blogger and I’m completely unsuited for the job.

Let’s be honest here, I’m next to impossible to fit into a bra – and when a bra is a close fit, it requires alterations to transform the poor thing into a ‘good fit’ (which I can’t do, because I can’t even sew on a button). Frankly, if I didn’t need bras, I’d give up the whole bra shopping experience. Bras are not my thing.

I have different addictions than other bra bloggers. Most bra bloggers have the traditional lingerie addictions – bras, panties, negliges, corsets…. But I have an addiction to sleepwear, loungewear and camisoles. I mean really…I could shop for loungewear and camisoles every day. I have wandered through lingerie departments for hours – piles of robes, tops, bottoms and camisoles in my arms….blissful.

Despite my boulder holder challenges, I do have a few things to add to the bra conversation. First, since I must try on every bra on the market in an attempt to find one that fits my odd shape, I have an unending supply of commentary and reviews. Second, I have a sneaking suspicion I am not a totally unique shape – despite being high set, short waisted, close set and wide based… So I’ll keep jotting down opinions on the bras I try. Why not? Maybe I’ll help someone. I hope so.

But expect to hear more about other things. Like sleepwear, loungewear, camisoles and clothes…. and the weirdness of size charts, and life as a 40+ Inbetweenie. And let’s not forget Autoimmune diseases and how that can affect clothing and lingerie choices.

Yeah, I’m back – with a slightly different perspective.

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  1. Glad to see you back to posting! While I do love your bra insights, I think loungewear and sleepwear could use a strong voice too. More women are getting into dressing up their “at home” wear, and it would be great to have more reviews and recommendations. 🙂

    1. WideCurves 1 says: Reply

      Thanks, Erica! I certainly enjoy sleep and lounge wear, I must admit. And I don’t think I’ve met a camisole I didn’t admire….

  2. Glad to see you’re back )
    And please, write about loungewear, and camisoles and robes! (I love camis and I think that a simple silk slip is a genius thing to wear under too thin dress, btw).

    1. WideCurves 1 says: Reply

      Thanks, I will!

  3. Alicia says: Reply

    I think this is a great direction for you! And by you, I mean ‘me’. =o). I live in loungewear when not at work. And even a truly comfy bra (rare, as for me this means cushioned wires) is off my body by 8pm. This leads to a whole journey of compromise with ‘lounge’ bras like the Ahhh & Barely There.

    I know I can’t be alone in prioritizing comfort above fit. In fact, it’s more like 1) Comfort. 2) Beauty. 3) Perfect Fit. So I look forward to seeing your new stuff.

    1. Yes, comfort is queen, isn’t it? I got a new lounge piece for my birthday that I LOVE. I almost walked out of the house in it…

      The perfect lounge/cami/comfort bra is The Unicorn, isn’t it? I’m searching, too.

  4. K-Line says: Reply

    I think it’s terrific that you’ve decided what you like, and what you want to write about (not bras). I’ve written, on my blog, a lot about bras – detailed reviews etc. – for years. But I’m in no way a bra blogger. I’m a person who has something meaningful to say about the topic, on a semi-regular basis. Mind you, I am one of those lingerie nuts 🙂

    1. Thanks!

      It would help if I got a new post up, wouldn’t it?

      Oh, I’m a nut. I’ve found (as I embrace my stretchy jersey loungewear lust) that I could fill an entire closet with treasures!

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