Review: Fantasie Vivienne Side Support Plunge Bra FL2112


I was excited to try the Vivienne because it’s an elegant, sophisticated and sexy plunge bra with side support… and it’s a Fantasie bra – whose wires usually fit me very well.

Fantasie Vivienne Plunge FL2112

One thing I love about the Vivienne is that in a 38F it looks exactly like the photos on the models – the gore isn’t higher, the cups aren’t cut differently…I got what I was expecting.

Fantasie Vivienne Plunge in blue.
Fantasie Vivienne Plunge in blue.

Band: The band is not a super stretchy band.  The 38F fits, but on the middle hook – I should probably try a 36 band.

Gore: The gore is low and tacks beautifully.

Wires: Very firm and Fantasie-like. The wires may be a bit too narrow on the outer edges; however, I think that’s because there’s very little tension on the band. I think a tighter band would stretch the wires out for a better fit. The right wire is also hitting that perfectly terrible old rib injury when I sit down. Hopefully, a bit more tension would shift the wire position.

Cups: I think the cups are one size too large. The bra gives excellent lift and support for my heavy breasts; however, I’m getting some bullet boob projection and empty space on the tops of the cups, even at my fullest time of the month.

Straps: Beautifully textured and wide enough they don’t feel skimpy. Their position does not allow them to push under my arms.

Conclusion: The Vivienne is an elegant yet sexy bra – and right now it’s on sale everywhere. If you like sophisticated, supportive plunges I’d scrounge one up. I do think it runs a bit large  – you may consider sizing down. I think the Vivienne is a great bra for short waists and high set breasts – you get phenomenal lift, and since the band height and gore are shorter, there’s plenty of room to adjust the bra for a great fit. The plunge style is a good fit for close-set breasts – the gore tacks beautifully for me.

The Vivienne also comes in a balcony version, if you prefer balcony style bras. I couldn’t find other reviews of the Vivienne plunge, but I did find some for the Vivienne Balcony from A Sophisticated Pair, and Busts4Justice.

Fantasie Vivienne Plunge with Side Support – 38F

Band: unstretched 32″; stretched 37 1/2″

wire length: 11 1/3″

gore height:3″

distance between straps: 10″

Link to Bratabase review


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  1. I have to say this bra is sexy and I think I love it. That is not easy to say most of the time but for once it is true or at least they are photographed very well. I really like the blue color and maybe that is it. Thanks for the review.

    1. It is a pretty piece, and well constructed. Wish it would have fit, couldn’t reorder it in the right size.

  2. sophisticatedpair says: Reply

    I was checking for reviews on the plunge for a customer, and I was glad to see your review! It’s nice to hear the center gore truly is a plunge instead of a modified balcony. Great review per usual!

    1. It isn’t the lowest plunge (compared to corded), but it is a plunge. If you can get one of these, grab it. They’re scarce from what I’ve found. And it doesn’t look like Fantasie has more 3 piece (or anything other than moulded) plunges lined up in the near future….which is bad for me :(.

      It is a gorgeous bra.

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