Review: Anita Jana Soft Cup 5427

Anita Jana bra in white. Image from Anita.

I am still on a quest to find a comfortable, well fitting soft cup bra.

I grew up on soft cup bras, and while I thoroughly enjoy the lift and support I receive from my wired bras, I must admit some days I still yearn for a wireless bra I can wear to slouch on the couch or fall asleep reading a book with and not wake up thinking “ugh, why didn’t I unhook my bra?”

Recently, I tried the Anita Jana because the bra is mostly cotton, and is designed to relieve strain on the back, neck and shoulders – and as someone with intermittent shoulder issues those design attributes sound appealing.

The Jana comes in three colors: skin, black and white; band sizes 34-52 and cups B-I (European sizing, and dependent upon color).

Anita Jana bra in white. Image from Anita.
Anita Jana 5427 bra in white. Image from Anita.
Anita Jana bra in nude. Image from Anita.
Anita Jana 5427 bra in nude. Image from Anita.
Anita Jana in black. Image from Anita.
Anita Jana 5427 in black. Image from Anita.

Band: I tried a 38 band in the Jana, and the band was quite snug. I could not size down to a 36, and a 40 may fit better than the 38. The band is quite tall and supportive. I could definitely feel the bra trying to place me into a specific posture.

Gore: The gore on the Jana is very tall, and since it’s a soft cup bra, it does not tack.

Wires: The Jana is a soft cup bra – wireless.

Cups: The Jana is definitely a full coverage bra, and I could feel this in the cups. It was not quite a vest-like as the Elila 1803, but the Jana was definitely too much bra for me, especially where the cups/straps met my underarms and pectorals. The fabric is soft, but has a bumpy texture to it. I’m sure it would soften and mold nicely after a few washes. I did have east/west point in this bra – it’s worth noting the cups do not smash or minimize, and I did have wrinkling under my breasts where the cups met the band. Despite the Jana being a soft cup bra, I received excellent lift and support when viewing my breasts from the side. I suspect I may need a smaller cup in the Jana.

Straps: As promised the straps are wide, padded and comfortable. The area where the straps met the cups did cut into my armpits and pectorals uncomfortably. This is something that happens to me quite frequently in full coverage bras, specifically soft cups. I believe this is because my breasts have wide bases.

Conclusion: Overall, the Jana is a comfortable soft cup bra that gives surprisingly good lift (I mean, really, pretty amazing). I really like the Jana, and I’d like to try it in a 40E. I’d be interested to find out if the longer band and smaller cup helped resolve some of the lower cup wrinkling, as well as reduced the cut-in around my arm pits. Is the Jana a great bra for short waists? Perhaps. Is it great for high set breasts? Probably not.

Anita Jana 38F (UK) Bra Stats

Band: unstretched 32 1/2″; stretched 38″

cup circumference : 15 1/2″

gore height: 5″

distance between straps: 8″

Link to Bratabase review

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