How to Safely Store Your Bras

My Homemade Bra Hanger I

Over the past year’s quest for the perfect bra, I’ve accumulated quite a few. Since I started the blog, I’ve been hesitant to donate or sell the ones that don’t fit, since I constantly use them to compare against new purchases. My bras were hanging all over the bedroom, and I decided they need a home.

Storing moulded or contoured bras can be problematic, since you don’t want to crush the cups and affect shape. So, what do you do if you don’t have drawer space to carefully stack your lovely lingerie?

Well, I saw an interesting DIY Hanging Bra Organizer tutorial on Pinterest, which really made me want to make a hanging bra organizer. I even picked up some wooden hangers at Ikea (then I put them down….).

Obviously, I’m just too lazy an inept to make my own custom bra storage device.

So, when I realized the “no slip, space saving hangers” I’ve been collecting (I really don’t think I’ve passed  up a bundle at any discount store, yet) may provide the same outcome without any extra effort on my part, I had to try.

So, ta-da! Here’s my lazy version of a bra hanger!

My Homemade Bra Hanger I
My Homemade Bra Hanger I

You can find “no slip” hangers everywhere…Target, Ross, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.  Some sets come with accessories like the clips and the adapter to transform two hangers into a suit hanger (bottom). Others come with the suit hanger feature built in (top). Some come without either, so if you’re buying “no slip” hangers explicitly for this purpose, read the box and ensure you are buying suit hangers or adaptable hangers.


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