Fit and Active September: I’m Autoimmune, and I Work Out

Anita 5527 in black. Image from Anita.

Nicole over at FussyBusty has declared this month “Fit and Active September”…so I’m chiming in this month with reviews of several sports bras and workout attire, all from the perspective of a person with autoimmune disease, who also works out.

shockabsorber n102
Shock Absorber N102. Image from Shock Absorber.


So, why am I taking the position that working out as an autoimmune-y person is different than a non-autoimmune person? Because it is, and I don’t know how to talk about workout gear any other way. I’ve probably been autoimmune my entire life, and as I look back I can see how it has influenced my attitude towards physical activity and more to the point of this series, my workout wear.

How is my workout gear different? Well, the fit must be exceptionally good or very loose (and sometimes loose isn’t the best option, specifically when it comes to sports bras). I’ve found I feel better and have better workouts if I rotate my workout wear. I prefer not to wear the same gear two workouts in a row because my body feels better when I alternate pressure points. This can be challenging for high ticket and hard to find items like sports bras and shoes.

Why would an autoimmune athlete feel better alternating pressure points, and by demanding exceptional fit? Because most of us live with chronic pain or the threat of chronic pain…and tight or ill-fitting garments can apply pressure, and extended periods of pressure can lead to or exacerbate pain for many of us. Of course athletes without an autoimmune disease can experience these same problems, however, autoimmune athletes may be more likely to experience higher levels of pain for a longer time from the same amount of pressure.

Anita 5527 in black. Image from Anita.
Anita 5527 in black. Image from Anita.

What do I have planned for my Fit and Active posts? I’m going to talk about sports bras, of course…the Elila 1620 Silver Fiber and Microfiber Sports Bra, the Glamorise 1166 Double Layer Custom Support Bra, the Shock Absorber N102 Classic Sports Bra and the Anita 5527 Molded Sports Bra.

I’ll also touch brands I’ve found that are good fits for wide shoulders, larger hourglass figures, and larger breasts…including sport tanks with built in bras, as well as workout bottoms – shorts, skorts, leggings and thermals.

So stay tuned, there’s more to come!

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  1. […] Fit & Active September: I’m Autoimmune and I Work Out […]

  2. […] Fit & Active September: I’m Autoimmune and I Work Out […]

  3. […] Fit & Active September: I’m Autoimmune and I Work Out […]

  4. […] Fit & Active September: I’m Autoimmune and I Work Out […]